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Rehearsal Rooms and Recording Studio for flexible times and prices in Liesing Vienna


Come visit the GAB Music Factory either solo or with your band!  Start your project in the rehearsal room or refine it in the studio!

Let it out!

Best sound in Vienna since 2009

Music Producer Georg Gabler built the rehearsal room and studio facility in 2009 to provide musicians with space for their musical work and creativity.  It contains seven fully equipped rehearsal rooms and a recording studio with two recording rooms.

Our customers include fellow artists and groups such as The Pixies, Hallucination Company, Thorstein Einnarson, Mynth, Hunger, and more.

The GAB courtyard has hosted numerous events on multiple occasions, and has provided a backdrop for acts such as BilderbuchWandaSigi MaronMother’s CakeGiantree  and Gasmac Gilmore.

In addition the "GAB", in partnership with the TRIAGON Academy, serves as a campus for Professional Certificate & Diploma courses as well as Top-Up Bachelor programs, making it the home of a diverse educational offering in music and media sectors.

Furthermore, with the GAB Music Lessons and the Drum Academy, teachers for private instrumental lessons for both beginners and advanced students are at our location.  On top of that, we provide instruction to hold or attend seminars and workshops, staging, and courses, as well as band workshops

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