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GAB Music Studios

Best sound in South Vienna since 2009

GAB Music Studios, located in the 23rd District of Vienna, has stood for first-class productions of all kinds since 1994.

With the founding of GAB Music Factory in the "Alte Liesinger Klavierfabrik" GAB has been active at two locations in Liesing since 2009.

The studio of GAB Music Factory is specialized for recording and editing. Many single and album recordings, as well as synchronizations of movies and advertisements, take place here on location.  With two recording rooms connected to the control room, it is possible to record "track-by-track" as well as simultaneously recording up to 24-tracks "live"- and all this with clean tracks and no interference between!

As part of a pre-production, numerous bands are already using the opportunity to work together with producer Georg Gabler in the rehearsal facilities of the GAB Music Factory on the repertoire and the arrangement in order to make the studio time as efficient and cost-effective as possible. 

In the idyllic Wienerwaldlage of the studio in Kalksburg everything revolves around the sound optimization: In the analougue setup (Toft Audio ATB24 mixing console) the highest possible dynamics and sound quality are achieved. With the recreational area of Maurer forest providing the necessary peace and green space nearby, it allows you to enjoy peaceful walks and beautiful scenery between sessions.

You will receive more detailed information about our equipment here.

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