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From Studio Labels to Indie Specialists...

Distribution: Rough Trade Distribution // Groove Attack

Co-Publisher: ROBA Music


Progressive Rock & beyond...

Since 2015, PANTA R&E has worked with artists from the universes of the Progressive, Stoner, and Alternative Rock and quickly gained a foothold in Austria.  The rapidly growing catalogue includes releases by artists such as Parasol Caravan ("Para Solem" 2015), Mother's Cake ("Love The Filth" 2015), Lausch ("Glass Bones", 2015; "Quiet Men", 2017) Ultima Radio ("A Thousand Shapes", 2017) le_mol ("Heads Heads Heads", 2018), The Fictionplay ("Tohu Bohu", 2018), and many more.

Also in the live sector, the label was able to attract attention with its Labelnights and various series of events ("A Wild Dance With...", "Fuzzfest Vienna").


"...deutschsprachig vielseitig..."

In 2004, Georg Gabler founded the label GAB Music to release productions from the studio. The first album - "La Belle Captive" by Mondscheiner, - became the success story, which ended with a signing of the band at the major label Sony Music.  The Ö3-Soundcheck Finalists Entferner remastered "...denn je" (2009) and "Die Unordnung der Dinge" (2014) zwei Alben hervor.

A cooperation with the Local Heroes Band Contest led to a Collaboration with Innsbruck Rock-Band Mother's Cake ("Creation's Finest", 2012; "Off The Beaten Track", 2015) and the Grazer Acts Klay ("Reflected" EP, 2014).

Perhaps the most well-known Act Sigi Maron released the final album before his much-mourned death in 2016, "dynamit und edelschrott" (2014).


Indie and other "Freshness"

Just one year after the founding of the first sub-label Panta R&E, in 2016 it was time: Kleio Records saw the light of day. Since the first release "Champagne" by Gospel Dating Service and especially the single "Red", the young label has since been able to count on airplay on the biggest indie station in the country, Radio FM4.

In 2018, this feat was once again achieved with "Young Understanding" by Please Madame, "The Something in Nothing" by James Choice & The Bad Decisions and "Pendulum" by Listen To Leena on three albums.

The year 2018, which was very successful for the young label, was decided on with a joint tour of Austria by the three bands in Salzburg, Vienna, Graz, and Linz.

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